Woody River Trophy Hunts in Preserve FAQs:

Q: If Im the last hunter to hunt, what are my chances of shooting a big buck after everyone else is done?

A: Your chance is still very good , the last hunter in 2010 shot a 221 SCI and the last hunter in 2011 shot a 219 SCI typical. Now these results aren't always going to happen but as you can see there is very good opportunity right thru till the end.

Q:What happens if I shoot a deer that scores under 170 SCI either by miscalculating the buck or by choice?

A: We only have one hunt price for hunting in our preserve. Here's what we tell our hunters: "Only pull the trigger on a deer that you are truly happy with, beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Q: What happens if I don't shoot a buck after 4 days?

A: If a hunter is unsuccessful after 4 days of hunting, he will forfeit 50% of the hunt cost and the other 50% will be credited to another hunt.

Q: Does the price include airport pickup?

A: No it does not, however we can provide transportation for a small fee or there is numerous car rentals at the airport. The directions are easy to follow if you decide to rent your own vehicle. Renting your own vehicle also gives you the freedom to leave earlier if you have good luck and harvest early or if you want to do some site seeing.

Q: What happens if I shoot a buck that scores over 250+? It seems a little unrealistic that someone can shoot a 250+ buck for this price, whats the catch?

A: There is no catch, like we mentioned before these hunts are about the experience and not the score. This is hunting the way it was intended to be.

Q: Can I as a hunter shoot more than one buck?

A: Yes, we always factor in the multiple buck hunters so that we always have numerous mature bucks out there for every hunter.

Q: What if I have special dietary needs?

A: Let us know before you arrive and we will try to accommodate as best we can.

Q: Can I be guaranteed a 200 inch buck?

A: No, there isn't a guarantee on a 200 inch buck or any buck for that matter...We will guarantee that there will be numerous mature bucks over 170+ while hunting with us. We do our very best to put you in a situation to harvest a big deer but this is hunting and you will have to be quiet and hope lady luck gives you a visit. We typically average over 200 inches on our Trophy Hunt for the year and the deer are getting better every year.

Q: You said that you have been breeding for big typical deer, what if I prefer a big non-typical deer instead?

A: There are plenty of non-typical-deer running around out there also. Although we do cater towards the big typical we always have lots of big massive non-typicals show up as it seems that it is easier for a whitetail to grow non-typical than it is typical...

Q: What is your success rate?

A: We have a 100% success rate for hunters seeing multiple bucks over 170+ on their hunt to date but we have had hunters go home empty handed. Sometimes the thrill and the challenge of seeing a certain monster on the trail camera and hunting that certain buck can cause hunters to pass on other trophy bucks that they would ordinary harvest and therefore be unsuccessful. To date we have never had an unsuccessful hunter not return.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: We have been managing trophy whitetail herds in the province for over 15 years with a lot of the biggest bucks in Saskatchewan coming from our genetics. We decided that instead of other hunting preserves reaping the benefits from our hard work we would open up our own preserve. So in 2010 we had our first hunters come thru and the first deer we killed scored 217 SCI.

Q:How hard is it to come into Canada with my rifle and gear and take my trophy home?

A:If your prepared its really simple. You will need a valid passport, photo ID and a clean record with the law. ( Individuals with criminal records including DUI convictions may be refused entry into Canada. A waiver can be obtained but must be handled prior to travel into Canada. It is strongly recommended that you apply for a waiver to eliminate the worry of being refused entry).
All non-resident guests must complete the Non Resident Firearm Declaration ( Canadian government forms RMCP 5589 / CAFC 909 and RMCP 5590 / CAFC 910 ) and present them in triplicate and unsigned at the Canadian border, along with your firearms and $50 Canadian payment.
Further information and forms can be downloaded from the government website at: Canadian Firearms Center.

Q: Is this preserve high fenced or not?

A: Yes this is a high fenced wilderness preserve.. Before we built it into a preserve, the area was a hot spot for outfitters and hunters alike with its huge trophy potential, as well as its thick timbered river bottoms that made big bucks feel safe and at home. With all this natural deer habitat and challenging terrain the area became our first choice when we put up our preserve and now with the monster bucks that roam the property this is truly a world class whitetail hunting experience...

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